My Bumper for Week 18

November 26, 2012

Baby Size:
5.6 in

Baby Weight:
6.7 oz

Your Baby

Many of the bones in your baby's body are starting to harden. Among these first bones to develop is the inner ear which is part of the reason why your baby might be able to hear sounds such as your heart beating or your tummy growling.

Your Body

As you settle into your second trimester you'll likely gain your appetite back. Eating healthy and getting enough protein is important at this stage as your body needs approximately 300 extra calories to help your baby develop. Equally important is continuing with exercising; keep moderation in mind and do not to begin any new, strenuous workouts.

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6 100 org jejak kaki

  1. wah tahniah... selamat membuncitkan perutmu hehehe

  2. heheh tenkiu dear..yer tengah memboncit kehadapan dan sisi..ouchhh..makan juga dalam kuantiti untuk 2 org..alamak xdapat nak cover..huhu

  3. wah wah. mesti rasa bahagia sekarang nih
    semoga baby dan comel sihat2
    lama dah nak tegur, cantik sangat gambar profile dear

  4. Momoy- tula momoy manjang bizi kan, insyallah amin doakan yg baik untuk bb cml ok.

    alah gambar profile tu masa peknen dah 2 bulan lah dear

    1. momoy ni buat comel malu la yunk huhuhu..(blushi ng trus)



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