6 October 2011

Go girl...climb on a higher even better of Himalaya

Its so tough for me, but I still keep trying and never give up..I have had my share of pain to grew up my confident level, they never learned about the past, but i will approve it to you that i am not the weak gurl...The weak is define of yours.

There  might be think that i am not capable to absorb all input at once..well hello see my legs la..opps..btw not yours ok..please be watch up of what ever you wrote about somebody, your concerned is only on me and please dont you ever dare to touch or ejek them just because you think your the one and only excessive's people with down my standard to the lower level ok..fullstop..

Owh..arghhhh..all this kind of book i bought it from my English's teacher Cik Danii and borrowed Pn. Adrena's  book as my reference..(tiap tiap malam buat dan siang hari after work masuk kelas ok..)

ohh..since i know that i need something new appearance which is i need to prove this thing to someone that i really respect him/her as my idol..yeah for me they are my family..ever after my own lovely ayah and mak..(ohh gosh..miss 'em a lot ok)..

She/he always approached  me, spoke to me, which is to gave advice to me, with not only with a task or handout also an even in my text phone is full of guidance and an encouragement that i keep as my reference and also its became my strangers to trough away the whole things without afraid of anything..just facing the all that with a smiling face and pride of brave..and that me you know?? someone that will be never give up with any of cruel and    barrier things that prevent or control advance and access.hahah giler ayat xleh blah...

Gigih sebab esoknya English's teacher akan check ..sume homework yang ako buat..huhu ..

From that i notice that i can climb on a higher even better of Himalaya..not panjat that gunung lah..i mean my explorer overview on my destiny and fate...just try to achieve it and never stop to ask and learn and someday you will be rewarded with a golden award and gained it to a  precious moment of your own life..

hahah...But day by day my stranger become more and more culminated and its a best weapon for me to fight with your conservative.  Don't you dare to cause a scene, all those quarrels are routine. I'm as happy as could be and walked away to be free, here is the end to all of your lies , your hypocrite..ok ok..please talk to my hand !! i told you already ok..Goodbye criminal!!!no longer need your help because i can stand up for my self. like message (text from him)-" IF YOU DON'T DO YOURSELF, YOU'RE NOT LETTING ME DOWN, YOU'RE LETTING YOURSELF DOWN" and its become worse and not fair for you.

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