23 November 2010

# compliCATED


Shared sumthing wif u guys..have u heard about loyalty o insincere..
Hah..taht wat I talking about…come on whose on here know bout this part of meaning..come come tell me..story to me..
Sumtime the all kinds of thing make my headache became worthly…siyeess xcaya
But till now still can keep the load and tried to maintain ownself wif digustin’ things..
So dude n babe be watchout ok..no one is ferfect..o perfecto..

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  1. yeah...

    slalu dgr benda tue, tapi slalu tkena gaks.....

    i guess in tis world yank, trust no body....

    wat ever happen pun juz keep it to ourself...

    and the rest, let god do his job...

    ♥The happiest people don't have the best of everything,
    they just make the best of everything that they have♥

    Hug & kiss!

  2. tanpa nama - love wat u had wrote..seriously everything u wrote n said it might be gone without we realized it.

    Just keep ur advice for be my guidance to be strong in future.

    yup ur r rite no body is perfect and not all the happiest r glowing with cheer live..but we can created it for become the best part on our life..

    just give and take.

  3. hehehehhe..taw pun kan.....

    bagussss yank..terusss pandang ke hadapan...

    PS : i mish u aloooot yank

    Lurve & Hug


  4. DD sory lamabt reply ur msg tadi i bz la uoll huhuk



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