5 April 2010

2010 Blood Donation Campaign by Carigali Hess - Tuesday, 6th April 2010 @ Twin Towers Fitness Centre

huhu sape berani nak donor ur blood to other passion...me..no..no..no...takut jarum...never la yo...

sedikit info dari tenant helpdesk kepada tenant...

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

Kindly disseminate this invitation to all your staff.

Please be informed that in conjunction with their HSE week, Carigali Hess is conducting a Blood Donation  campaign and has invited tenants of Tower 2 to participate. Below are the details of the charitable drive.

Blood donors are special.  Not everyone is suitable to be donor. 
Below are the criteria’s that qualifies you to be blood donor as per National  
 Blood Center guidelines:

1)             Healthy during Donation Day
2)            Aged between 18 – 60 years old :
a. For 17 years old, written permission is required from parents/guardians
b. For between 61-65 years old, written permission is required from a Medical Doctor on state of health
3)            Exceed 45 kg body weight
4)            Sleep more than 5 hours the night before the Donation Day
5)            No medical difficulties
6)            Not under any medication
a. Did not consume antibiotics within 7 days of Donation Day
b. Please consult the available Medical Doctor during Donation Day for other medicines
7)            Not fasting and consumed food before donating.
8)            Not involved in high risk activities as below
a. Homosexuality
b. Bisexuality
c. Prostitution's
d. Swinging partners
e. Drugs through injections
f. Partners for the above activities
9)            At least 3 months since the last donation (whole blood) or 2 weeks for aphaeresis donors.
10)         For lady donors
a. Not pregnant
b. Not in menstrual cycle
c. Not breastfeeding
11)          Do not donate if
a. Have lived in United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man or Channel Island) or Republic of Ireland from 1980 to 1996 for 6 months or more
b. Have lived in Europe from 1980 until now for 6 months or more

Last but not least, if you want to donate but in doubt, please drop by and ask the National Blood Center’s staff during the Donation Day.

Carigali Hess Office Safety Committee


  1. ko tak layak...comel xsuka..jarum..tajam..sakit..doktor..jahattttt.ubat pahit...xsuka xsuka xsuka

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