26 March 2010

Pesanan ringkas dari TenantCare untuk tenant Twin tower


Aku dapat email nih tadi pagi oleh Pn.june Tenant-care...

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

We are pleased to announce that once again this year, PETRONAS Twin Towers will be joining the rest of the world in  participating in   Earth Hour, one of the biggest environmental movements of the year and an initiative symbolizing the world’s concerns regarding global warming and climate change.   The Towers will be participating by switching off all external (flood lights) as well as all office lights (in Tower 1 & Tower 2 PETRONAS floors) on Saturday, 27 March 2010,  for one hour from 8.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

Just as last year, all blinds in Tower 1 & Tower 2 PETRONAS Floors  will be pulled down to give  the total darkness effect. However, as far as Tower 2 is concerned, since the office lights are within your premises and we do understand that some companies work right through the weekend, we would truly appreciate you supporting us in this campaign by either switching off the lights for that one hour (if this is feasible) or   to pull down the blinds. This is to ensure  uniformity with Tower 1 and in case someone comes in to work on Saturday night and inadvertently switches on the light, it would not be so  visible from outside.

We are proud to note that most  companies in Tower 2 actually participated in this Earth Hour last year and we are hoping that this year once again, all of you would give your full support and ensure that all the office lights, especially those nearer to the windows are switched off and the blinds are pulled down. Hence, please remind your staff who are sitting by the windows, to pull down the blinds before they leave on Friday evening.

For your info, emergency lights at corridors, lift lobbies and staircases will remain switched on for Safety and Security reasons.

Thank you for your co-operation and support! We look forward to our iconic  building be photographed , but perhaps, more importantly, together we are seen as  taking a stand in  calling for action on climate change and that we care about the world we live in!

p/s : tahun lepas puny yang terlibat ngn aktiviti gelap gelap bagunan nih http://www.earthhour.org.my/main.php


  1. yang tahun lepas punya kempen x layan pun.huhu

  2. ekekek tahun lepas kita baru juin..tahun nih masuk kali ke 2

  3. wa pun sama...bo layan jer...

  4. tahun lepas pon semangat earth hour.. tahun ni pon nak join jugak!! :)

  5. tahun lepas aku dah wat...
    tahun nie pon kene...

  6. arief-nak juin datang sabtu nih kat tower kul8.30 kita mula

  7. meniti -ni aktiviti wajib setiap tahun so kipidap boy



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