10 June 2009


sumtime i feel sumthing wrong sumwhere when the other people talk to each other wif different statement n method.so curious...

just now in our life no body is perfect..rite so well then the points is wat the hell of those n these peoples talkin' about...gossip o in other word "MENGUMPAT" ashamed on you when not been well to other peoples just liked i said u talk to them n u tell to them the things that u also not sure..poor r u..for me all peoples that i mentioned now is sarcastic.u talk n story never thinkin' afterward so damm r u.erm..for me peoples just rite now is rubbish.and dun u ever2 dare to keep them hell as ur bestpart on our life.peoples can judge the others people talkative one..but till when they will stop it..till u die..me dye o..destroyed everything u had build n effort to carried just gone disappear front ur stand.oh god oh NO..hancurla cmnih bila masyarakat nak maju wo..so wat eva pun liked i said liked nabil said "LU PIKIR LAH SENDIRI".

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