6 April 2009


Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile liquid plant materials, known as essential oils (EOs), and other aromatic compounds from plants for the purpose of affecting a person's mood or health. Essential oils differ in chemical composition from other herbal products because the distillation process only recovers the lighter phytomolecules. For this reason essential oils are rich in monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, as well as other VOC substances (esters, aromatic compounds, non-terpene hydrocarbons, some organic sulfides etc.).

Aromatherapy is a generic term that refers to any of the various traditions that make use of essential oils sometimes in combination with other alternative medical practices and spiritual beliefs. Popular use of these products include massaging products, medicine, or any topical application that incorporates the use of essential oils to their products.[1] It has a particularly Western currency and persuasion. Medical treatment involving aromatic compounds may exist outside of the West, but may or may not be included in the term 'aromatherapy'.


Popular used aroma :-


Soothes cold, flu, increase mind concentration and breating. Eucalyptus and often used in combination with peppermint to provide relief for the airways in case of cold or flu.

Fresh Lemon

Deodorizes, increase mental clarity and enhances vitality. Lemon oil is uplifting and anti-stress/anti-depressant. In a Japanese study, lemon essential oil in vapour form has been found to reduce stress in mice. Researchers at Ohio State University reveals that Lemon oil aroma may enhance your mood, and may relax you.


Relaxes, anti stress and uplifts the body and spirits. Lavender is used as an antiseptic, to soothe minor cuts and burns, to calm and relax, and to soothe headaches and migraines.

Green Tea

Refreshing and rejuvenates the body with the soothing earthy sent.


uplifting, relieves stress and creates an enchanting atmosphere. Rose is also used as an aphrodisiac.

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